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"I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish that He didn’t trust me so much." Mother Theresa


OT Consultants is your solution for organisational transformation through Consulting.  A constant challenge today for senior executives and managers is the lack of time to think and do things differently, with day-to-day operational tasks and a focus on short-term results rather than strategic innovations taking up all their time.  What then about securing the future? What do they do when the environment changes?

Understanding the process of organisational transformation and establishing the critical success factors for achieving change is of practical value for senior executives and managers of any organisations faced with the need to adapt to radical changes in the environment.  However, o
rganisation transformation is more about aligning people, culture and processes to reach your strategic goals rather than about job descriptions and reporting lines.  OT Consultants will ensure that your organisation's objectives are clear and central to shaping the future.  This may all sound very impressive but it is essential that the journey of transformation fits seamlessly with your organisation and builds on its successes.

Is your organisation still rooted in its past and needing to change, or already engaged in exploring new ideas to create a better future?  


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