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"You can't do today's jobs with yesterday's methods and be in business tomorrow" George W Bush


It is reported that UK economic growth held up better than expected in the six months following the Brexit vote, but small businesses are still finding it very difficult to raise finance and for business in turnaround the challenge is even tougher.

The turnaround specialists at OT Consultants have worked through a number of recessions in the past and know from experience what is needed to successfully turnaround a business in this challenging market.  OT Consultants partner with leading Insolvency Practitioners to provide an holistic approach to business recovery and it is this combined approach which is most effective.


In our experience there are 7 key stages to turning around a dying business, namely:

  • Re-view the situation;

  • Re-define the strategy;

  • Re-engage the people;

  • Re-invent the product;

  • Re-brand the marketing;

  • Re-finance the business; and

  • Re-work the how the business is run

Let OT Consultants support you through the turnaround process. Contact us now to discuss how we can help.

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